IMABARI, Ehime — A train on the JR Yosan line in western Japan was delayed by several minutes on Sept. 8 after a Shikoku Railway Co. (JR Shikoku) worker on board as a passenger engaged in disruptive behavior such as yelling at the conductor.
According to JR Shikoku, the 65-year-old employee works at Yawatahama Station on the same line and was taking a three-carriage limited express leaving Uwajima Station, bound for Matsuyama Station on his way home at around 6 p.m. The train was carrying about 100 passengers at the time.
The man displayed disruptive behavior such as yelling and stopping the doors from closing after a conductor asked for him to move from an aisle seat to a window seat at Iyo-Ozu Station in the city of Ozu, Ehime Prefecture.
The conductor decided that the man’s actions could hinder train operations and asked the operation center to report the situation to the police. JR Shikoku informed the case to Ehime Prefectural Police’s Ozu Police Station and transferred the custody of the man to police at Uchiko Station in the prefectural town of Uchiko. The man was apparently not drunk at the time.
The train left Uchiko Station five minutes late due to the trouble. The man is being questioned about the incident by police.
JR Shikoku commented, “We apologize for having caused trouble to passengers due to an employee’s actions. We will train our employees more thoroughly in the future.”
(Japanese original by Nobuto Matsukura, Imabari Local Bureau)