From polytechnic classmate, national service camp-mates to coworkers at Keppel, no one seems to like the PAP new candidate Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan. At least we now know that Ivan’s snobbish, condescending and elitist attitude did not changed over the years which fits perfectly into the PAP.
We wish residents at Jurong GRC all the best “reporting” to him after 10 July 2020.
At today’s virtual press conference wherein the ruling party introduced their final group of new candidates, Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli, PAP’s vice chairman, asked about Mr Lim’s character.
It seems that the minister, and the party, is choosing to stand by the newcomer.
“General Election is a time when people who have been introduced will elicit responses, which is not surprising.
But I think that it’s also important for the candidates who may have been alleged to be something or other, to also prove themselves,” said Mr Masagos. -/TISG
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