In 2018, three brothers – Kenny Chan, 35, Jonathan Chan, 32 and Kayson Chan, 29 – saw an opportunity to bring in sophisticated gourmet food inspired by Italian culture into Singapore.
The trio realised that consumers are getting more and more sophisticated with their choices of food.
They then started experimenting with bold flavours and incorporating them into potato chips to add a modern twist to the conventional snack.
They particularly used truffles, which are a highly coveted type of mushroom in Italian cuisine, and are widely known as the “The Mozart of Mushrooms”.
After testing out different combinations, the brothers successfully created truffle-flavoured chips that come with generous bits of real Italian Black Summer Truffles.
Jonathan used to be an award-winning sous chef under Celebrity Chef Heman of Jack’s Place. With his knowledge and expertise in western cuisine, he came up with the winning recipe.
With that, made-in-Singapore brand Aroma Truffle was conceptualised in 2018. The Black Summer Truffles that go into each packet are sourced from the farms of Spoleto, Italy.
According to the Truffle Hunter, Black Summer Truffles come with “an incredible flavouring consisting of garlic, wild mushroom and earthy hazelnut undertones”.
Each packet of our truffle chips contains real, precious truffles. We have to keep the proportion of the Italian truffles controlled – not too much and not too little, with a right balance.
Together with the use of other fine seasonings like parsley, sea salt and olive oil, we managed to create a synergistic enhancement to its overall appearance, fragrance and flavour.
They are the only truffle chips brand made in Singapore and they proudly call themselves the “World’s Strongest Truffle Chips”.
The claim actually came from one of their customers.
Subsequently, they kept receiving similar feedback and decided to use that as their tagline, which was in line with their vision – to create the strongest and the best truffle snack in the market.
By placing this claim in our tagline, it keeps us in check and to make sure that every batch of products is of quality and supports our claim, which is to be the strongest truffle snack brand.
I doubt you will find any other retail truffle chips in the market that has a stronger aromatic experience than ours… for the time being.
Since its soft launch in July 2018, the trio have sold more than 100,000 kilograms of their signature wavy-cut truffle chips.
In early April 2019, Aroma Truffle opened its first flagship store at Chinatown Point Mall, followed by four other outlets within a year.
A bag of Aroma Truffle chips – whether Original, Honey Dijon or Parmesan Cheese flavour – costs just S$10.
It made me wonder how they manage to keep their truffle chips at such low price points – considering that truffles are the rarest and most expensive fungi in the world.
Truffles can sell as much as thousands of dollars per pound because it is painstakingly difficult to find and grow them.
Our truffles are sourced directly in bulk quantities from a truffle farm based in Spoleto Italy, via direct import without going through a third-party distributor.
Hence, we are able to price our snacks much more competitively than other gourmet snacks in the market.
This is why they are able to keep their cost prices much lower than other gourmet snack manufacturers and pass on the value to their customers.
One of the challenges faced by many leading food retailers is the threat posed by ‘copycats’ in the market.
Due to the high food cost involved in our unique recipes, the feasibility of mimicking and retailing a product at the same retail price with similar quality is seemingly unfeasible.
Furthermore, Aroma Truffle’s secret infusion techniques that go into creating their signature products help to fend off competition.
“The source, cost and quality of the truffle ingredients itself play a key factor in knocking out our competitors,” he said.
The Chan brothers had started Aroma Truffle with just S$30,000 from their own savings, with S$10,000 borrowed from their parents, which was subsequently retur…
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