Singapore – In response to the daily coronavirus updates provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH), members of the public have expressed their worry about the recurring imported cases, most coming from India.
Singapore reported 513 new Covid-19 cases on Saturday (July 25), including two cases in the community, a new cluster, and six imported cases who had been placed on stay-home notice upon their arrival, said MOH.
Of the six imported cases, five travelled from India. Two are permanent residents, a 17-year-old male returning from India and a 22-year-old female returning from the UK. The remaining four imported cases are dependent pass holders who arrived from India between July 11 and July 13. One of the imported cases with a dependent’s pass includes a 3-year-old boy. According to MOH, all of them were placed on a 14-day stay-home notice upon arrival in Singapore and tested while serving their notice.
Netizens expressed their concern with the recurring imported cases, most of which are coming from India. On July 24, the two imported cases came from India, reported MOH. The five imported cases reported on July 23 also came from the same country. Meanwhile, three out of the six imported cases on July 22 and another three cases on July 21 were returnees from India.
“How come there are still imported cases, by right should not let them in,” said Facebook user Muhammad Zulkiffli. Facebook user Jane Chang noticed that most of the imported cases of late were from India. “We know that India’s cases are still rising,” she noted. The concerned citizen urged the Government not to put additional stress on Singapore’s healthcare resources and to impose stricter border controls. Another netizen mentioned that these people came in contact with others on their travel back to Singapore. “Taxis, airports, airplanes, etc. Maybe should test them before the plane,” added the netizen.
Some were alarmed about the three-year-old boy included in the imported cases while others wondered why “Singaporean’s couldn’t travel out, but we keep letting foreigners from high countries in?”
Many suggested prohibiting allowing entry to those coming from high-risk countries. “Should ban countries with high infection rate from coming to Singapore for the time being,” said Facebook user Sebastian Lee. “One mistake of the undetected will be disastrous to Singapore,” said the netizen, noting such cases could add stress to the medical staff.
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