Singapore — Speaker of the Parliament Tan Chuan Jin posted on social media on Friday (Jan 21) about his photos being used as catfishing material.
Mr Tan shared on his Instagram and Facebook pages that his images have been used on the dating app Tinder without his knowledge. Tinder is an American networking and online dating application that allows users to anonymously swipe to like or dislike other profiles based on their photos, a small bio and common interests. Cat-fishing is someone creating a false identity online to lure people into relationships.
An unknown person had taken images from Mr Tan’s social media pages and created a fake dating profile by the name of “Ben”. A citizen (name redacted) had seen this on Tinder and sent the screenshots of the profile to Mr Tan, who is married and has two children.
Mr Tan continues to keep good humour, even saying in his post “wonder how many right swipes Ben received ”. “Right swipes” is the lingo from Tinder, used to indicate one’s interest in the profile they see on the app.
On that note, those online are also as amused, if not more, poking fun at this profile. Comments have trickled in saying that they would “swipe right” on the profile. Others have joked about wanting to see more photos from the profile. Comments also erupted regarding one profile image used showing the Speaker and his pet cat.
While he remains light-hearted about this incident, he also asks that Tinder ban “Ben”  from the app.
Denise Teh is an editorial intern at The Independent SG.  /TISG
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